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I'm a UK-based freelance costume assistant/ maker for TV and Film. I also make handmade pieces that are made to measure. 

 If there is a style above that you are interested in but is sold out, you can DM me on Instagram @nikitadhillon, and we can discuss creating something similar. 

All prices on here are standard for each 'style', however, if you wish to place a custom order that includes additional elements such as; altered shapes, beading, or extra ribbon, then the price may vary. All custom orders are made specifically to the customer's measurements, and all patterns (styles) have been created by myself.  


I also make one-off pieces that will occasionally be put up for sale on here. If you are interested in these occasional drops, then please check your measurements against them to ensure that they are to your size. I recommend choosing corsets that are 3 inches smaller than your natural waist and bust measurement for a more fitted effect.

Payment methods: For custom orders, I am open to PayPal and bank transfers. The one-off pieces that I occasionally drop on here can be ordered through this website. 


Please feel free to DM me on Instagram for all other questions and inquiries.

Instagram @nikitadhillon


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